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Student Leadership Council unclear about future following “free-weekends”

It has been three weeks since the Student Leadership Council has been asked to co-host a Friday night event with campus Greek clubs.

Although some members of the organization and Vice President for Student Development Mike Hayes see this as a positive transition, many of the members have not taken the trend well.

A photo of Summers in her confinement.

Linda Summers, a sophomore bio-chemistry major, was admitted into a local hospital after diving into depression.

Amid the jumbled ramblings sources say that Summers muttered something to the effect of “…too much free time, too much freedom.”

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SLC dissolved; campus crumbles without leadership

Dr. McClung has resorted to desperate measures to continue upholding the community covenant.

Lee’s student population quickly descended into madness early this week as word got out that the Student Leadership Council would no longer serve as the student-run arm of the campus government.

SLC was dissolved for an indefinite period when a journalist at the Cleveland Daily Banner uncovered a massive pizza distribution scandal that rocked the entire cabinet and rippled throughout the committees.

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