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Campus trolley responsible for high freshmen retention rates

The Lee Clarion, in the Feb. 24, 2012, edition of their publication reported the rising second semester retention rate.  However, the Leek has discovered that the Lee Clarion shockingly missed a vital reason for this growth.

Prodigy Vanessa Chase rides the trolley every day from her dorm room in Davis Hall to the music building.

Phil Cook, vice president of Enrollment for Lee University, has confirmed that “the only real reason that freshmen are staying at Lee is our dazzling public transportation system.”

Bo Franks, Lee University’s trolley driver, was confident that his service was fundamental in making Lee the collegiate home for freshmen.

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Kingdom Players wins Sigma’s Gong Show

Sigma reportedly "borrowed" their gong from Ghengis Grill.

Kingdom Players won the respect of the judges and the title of victor tonight at Sigma Nu Sigma’s Gong Show after performing a few selections from their signature repertoire of short dramatic pieces.

“Their last piece was the best Christian skit I’ve seen in years,” one of the judges said. “I repented of sins I didn’t know I had and re-committed my life to the Lord.”

Kingdom Players had been the underdog on the program going into the show, but the formerly rowdy audience sat, mesmerized, for the entirety of their performances.

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