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Student Leadership Council unclear about future following “free-weekends”

It has been three weeks since the Student Leadership Council has been asked to co-host a Friday night event with campus Greek clubs.

Although some members of the organization and Vice President for Student Development Mike Hayes see this as a positive transition, many of the members have not taken the trend well.

A photo of Summers in her confinement.

Linda Summers, a sophomore bio-chemistry major, was admitted into a local hospital after diving into depression.

Amid the jumbled ramblings sources say that Summers muttered something to the effect of “…too much free time, too much freedom.”

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DZT scraps the ‘Hook Up’ for chastity themed event

DZT on their recent Global Perspectives trip to Belarus

Forgoing their usual February event, the ‘Hook Up,’ Delta Zeta Tau decided to change things up this year with a chastity themed event they are calling Chastity in Numbers: A Convent Village. The new event will feature chastity and abstinence themed games and prizes.

“The Hook Up kind of ran its course,” DZT historian Marla Cohn said. “I mean, the Hook Up also got quite a lot of flak in the past for its controversial name. We decided to distance ourselves from something that could be considered so impure.”

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Kingdom Players wins Sigma’s Gong Show

Sigma reportedly "borrowed" their gong from Ghengis Grill.

Kingdom Players won the respect of the judges and the title of victor tonight at Sigma Nu Sigma’s Gong Show after performing a few selections from their signature repertoire of short dramatic pieces.

“Their last piece was the best Christian skit I’ve seen in years,” one of the judges said. “I repented of sins I didn’t know I had and re-committed my life to the Lord.”

Kingdom Players had been the underdog on the program going into the show, but the formerly rowdy audience sat, mesmerized, for the entirety of their performances.

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Theta to build giant pyramid for 25th anniversary legacy project

What an aerial view of campus will look like following the completion of the legacy project.

After much planning and debate, the 25th anniversary legacy project for the Greek Club known as Theta (also pronounced “Oak”) has finally been announced. Though full plans are being kept hidden, an anonymous member of the service club (also pronounced “fraternity”) was able to give us a description.

“We plan on paving over the empty space in Alumni park and building a large pyramid,” the member said.

The pyramid will be approximately 482 feet high in order to surpass the height of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

“We decided that Theta deserved the recognition that Alpha Gamma Chi, Upsilon, and the Ancient Egyptians have been getting for years,” the member continued.

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