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Holy Spirit falls, seven injured

Students question the Holy Spirit after the incident.

During last night’s convocation altar call, an unusual series of events lead to the injury of several students. The Holy Spirit fell on a crowd of worshipping students and caused them mild scratches and bruises.

“It wasn’t totally unexpected,” said Convocation speaker Josh Rice. “We usually hope for the students to experience this type of gift. It just didn’t turn out the way we had hoped.”

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Girl shunned, labeled “scab” for wearing eyeliner during makeup fast

Julia Whitaker, a sophomore education major, has filed an official complaint with Residential Life claiming that she has been treated unfairly by the girls on her hall for accidentally breaking her pledge to go makeup-free this week.“I thought we were making a spiritual commitment, not a hall rule. I had a presentation that day and I didn’t even think about it when I got up that morning,” Whitaker said.

She says she wore the eyeliner for about six hours before a fellow fast-pledger pointed it out. Continue reading


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Convocation Bingo [that you can actually play].

A little something to make your evenings this week slightly more bearable than your evenings next week, when you’ll be studying for all the exams that have been pushed back to make time for your spiritual development.

Just one of 2.84753857 x 10^23 possible Convocation bingo cards!

Click here for your randomized Convocation Bingo card!

Print your card, watch carefully, and shout AMEN if you win.

Many thanks to Devin White for this idea, which originally appeared here (link won’t work unless Devin is your friend or your fan).


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Students outraged after Jimmy Harper shakes head ‘no’

Jimmy Harper demonstrates his "neck exercise" following chapel.

Campus pastor Jimmy Harper has sent shock waves through the Lee University campus. Thursday, he was spotted in chapel repeatedly shaking his head “no” while Dr. Raymond Culpepper, General Overseer of the Church of God, spoke to the student body.

Witnesses report that Harper, who typically nods his head in affirmation at even the most idiotic points made by chapel speakers, began shaking his head “no” when Culpepper asked audience, “Can God save you from your sins?” He shook his head a second time when Culpepper asked, “Would you like to grow deeper in your relationship with Christ?”

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