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McClung suspends student for pride

A student was suspended this week for displaying “truly excessive” pride, a vice which is expressly prohibited in Lee University’s Community Covenant.

Psalm 59:12 is under consideration for engraving on the cornerstone of Lee's next building.

The student, who demanded his identity be concealed to protect his “considerable reputation,” had been warned several times for repeated infractions, but was finally called in to the office of the Dean of Students when a Residential Life staff member overheard his boast that “his mustache could beat Paul Conn’s in a fight any day”.

“That was really taking it too far,” said the student’s RD. “Who would dare to say something like that? It’s like claiming you’re more saintly than Dr. Augustine, or more popular than a post-chapel mixer. Ludicrous.”
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Student Refuses to Follow Community Covenant: “There Was No Blood Sacrifice”

Campus Pastor Jimmy Harper would serve as High Priest under McNabb's proposal.

Spencer McNabb, an undeclared freshman, has made it clear: He will not follow the community covenant due to Lee University’s failure to initiate it with the blood of a sacrificed animal. McNabb claims they are playing fast and loose with the term “covenant” when they apply it to the coerced signing of a piece of paper.

McNabb says, “It’s simple: In order for a covenant to be valid biblically, there must be the spilling of blood. We saw this in the Garden of Eden when they killed the animals to make clothing, we saw this with Abraham when he cut the calf in half, and we saw it with the inauguration of the New Covenant with the shed blood of Christ.”

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Rec. center guys ask scantily clad woman to leave

Some of the heroes line up for a photo in front of the DeVos Recreation Center after their valiant action.

A woman of ill-reputable intentions was asked to leave the DeVos Center for Recreation Monday, Jan. 30, 2012, after a group of basketball players took offense at her attire.

Landus Cunningham, a regular on the pick-up basketball court, was the first to notice the woman.

“She sorta came in sauntering.  She had a cut off tank top and short booty-shorts; it was clear that she was not only here to work out,” Cunningham said.

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