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Holy Spirit falls, seven injured

Students question the Holy Spirit after the incident.

During last night’s convocation altar call, an unusual series of events lead to the injury of several students. The Holy Spirit fell on a crowd of worshipping students and caused them mild scratches and bruises.

“It wasn’t totally unexpected,” said Convocation speaker Josh Rice. “We usually hope for the students to experience this type of gift. It just didn’t turn out the way we had hoped.”

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Convocation Bingo [that you can actually play].

A little something to make your evenings this week slightly more bearable than your evenings next week, when you’ll be studying for all the exams that have been pushed back to make time for your spiritual development.

Just one of 2.84753857 x 10^23 possible Convocation bingo cards!

Click here for your randomized Convocation Bingo card!

Print your card, watch carefully, and shout AMEN if you win.

Many thanks to Devin White for this idea, which originally appeared here (link won’t work unless Devin is your friend or your fan).


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Conn caught with “Book of Common Prayer”

Reports state the Lee University President Paul Conn has been sleeping in his office in the Vest building for the past three weeks.

Mrs. Conn confronts her husband who admittedly "wears his ceremonial garb to feel even more intellectual when reading the BCP."

An insider close to Conn has informed the Leek that the reason for the presidents extended stay is a fight that began after Darlia Conn caught her husband in a compromising position with the “Book of Common Prayer”.

“I came in from my Pilates class 20 minutes early, and there he was on our couch holding that thing to his bosom,” said Mrs. Conn.  “I didn’t know what to do.  I can’t believe it, and it breaks my heart. I am Church of God through and through and was sure Paul was too.”

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