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Jesus to date otherwise single girl on Valentines Day

Christ en route to his date with otherwise single Lee student

Jesus Christ has recently asked Jessica Langley, a sophomore biochemistry major, to be his girlfriend for Valentines Day. Langley, who hasn’t dated anyone in three months, accepted Christ’s offer after some initial hesitation.

Langley stated, “He’s kind of out of my league. So, I was afraid he was just going to tell people he was in a relationship with me so that way they wouldn’t think he was hopelessly single.”


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Girl dumped with God-card “completely understands”

Junior Claire Jackson is delighted that, although over, her recently ended relationship of two years was with “such a godly man.”

Jackson’s ex-boyfriend, senior pastoral ministry major Jacob Carter, called a halt to the couple’s relationship after a date Friday, Jan. 27, 2012.

“It was so sweet. We went out for a dinner at the new Olive Garden and then went for a walk on the Greenway,” Jackson said. “Then he sat me down on bench and said, ‘Claire-bear, I have been praying hard about this, and God is telling me that this isn’t the time for me to be in a relationship.  I really love you, but I can’t date you right now.’”

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