The Reveal

The Leek authors, Lyndsey Graves, John Griffis, Daniel Diffenderfer, and Richard Yeakley, sign off and explain why they did this experiment.

Elliot, Longfellow, Heller and Mane attempt to take a photo with the side-walk chalk advertisement.

To our dear, dear Lee friends – We must apologize, first of all, for our deception.

All four of us have become quite adept at looking into the eyes of our closest friends and telling flat-out lies. This has probably turned us into more horrible people, but we hope you’ll understand that we did it for The Leek.

And The Leek, we did for you. Whether we targeted your own personal grievance, or you found yourself a target, we hope that we communicated our own deep fondness for Lee University, and that yours also grew.

As little as anyone wants to read the upcoming cliché, this project was truly a labor of love[1], whether we were inventing ridiculous scenarios or pointing out the ones that already exist. Some of our articles grew out of conversations with other students, some came from past experiences or frustrations, and a great many were just the outcome of a “What if…?”

We also hope that you have come up with your own What Ifs. What if students made the effort to make their voices heard? What if we found solutions to problems? What if Theta really did build a giant pyramid in Alumni Park?

Our deepest thanks to those who knew but didn’t tell and those who guessed but didn’t ask.

Also, to Dave at Papa’s Pizza on Highway 64. Go see him.

Lee community, it has been an honor to write for you. Some of our favorite moments were the tweets, comments, or overheard-in-the-hallway mentions saying, “The Leek made my day!” There is no bigger rush for an anonymous writer of satire.

– Lyndsey Graves

To Whom it May Concern:

Sidewalking chalking like ninjas boosted views, but also helped cement the friendship between the authors.

Whether you know it or not you have been a part of this project. In reading and responding to it you have completed the circle which we set loose months ago. In our deepest hearts we thank you for that.

My personal motivation was to make people laugh, and I think I accomplished that quite well. In that vein, from behind the veil that was my secret identity for so long, I heard your comments of praise and was humbled and grateful by them.

Whatever the digital language (likes, favorites, or actual vocalized comments which I was able to gather through sinister eavesdropping), these more than anything kept me (and I believe us all) going for the three and a half month experiment that was The Leek.

I will not belabor the point that we did this because we love Lee University. I will however, belabor the point in that you are all very awesome people, whether it be the students, professors, administrators, prospective students, alumni, strangers, or Malaysian spam e-mailers that read our articles regularly.

You and your support have been paramount in our continued effort to make the campus laugh, and I thank you.

“The knife came down, missing him by inches, and he took off”-Joseph Heller, Catch 22

– John Garland Griffis

Veni, Vidi, Vici

– Daniel Diffenderfer

For everyone who ever asked me, “Yes, I am a part of the Leek; also, thank you for believing in me enough to think I had a part in this grand experiment.”

It was my incessant begging that have led us to reveal our identities in this fairly somber and straightforward matter.  I asked for this method, because I have things that I need to say, personally, openly and publicly.

It has been my honor to write for the Leek; however, it is my first and greatest honor to have run the Lee Clarion for two years.  I do not see these two endeavors in competition.

The first days, the authors watched the statistics religiously. There was a fierce celebration the first day the Leek had over 1,000 page hits.

Much like John, I had a reason for writing the Leek. Unlike John, I did not care if you laughed, although I have heard that our articles have caused that reaction.  I wanted to raise conversation.

In humble and loving gratitude for what Lee has done for me, I want to see it be the best possible version of itself.

This can only happen, if those students who are the lifeblood of the university are engaged in every aspect of campus life, and are making/pushing for wise decisions.

Every article I wrote had a point.  Granted, that point might have been buried under 97 layers of humor, but I pray the truth was still free enough to poke.

I love this university, and want only what is best for it, and I pray that the great things of Lee and those areas of concerned raised by this experiment, will be considered, questioned, and acted upon.

Thank you.

– Richard Yeakley


[1] You were warned.



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15 responses to “The Reveal

  1. Erica

    I feel like there couldn’t possibly be a better group to write this satire. Now that we all know it’s you, it’s kinda like, “Well, duh. Who else could have written something so intelligent, clever, and unbelievably funny?” Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us during this last semester of your college experience. We will all sorely miss you guys.

  2. Meaghan

    You guys are awesome and hilarious to boot! I hope the Leek continues in the future! 🙂

  3. Caleb

    Yep, going out in style! I loved many of your fables! It was a dream come true.

  4. Phil Cook

    Well, I guessed 2 out of 4…Richard and Daniel! While that would get me into the baseball Hall of Fame, it would give me an “F” in all the classes in which you guys did so well. Kudos to you all. I enjoyed reading (almost) all the articles. 🙂

  5. Valerie

    I knew this involved at least a few kairosians! This was fantastic, just as you all are! Thank you much for doing this, it was truly enjoyable laughing at your articles. Congratulations to all of you on graduating. 🙂

  6. Wow – I can’t believe I know all of you, but I really didn’t know it was you guys! There was definitely some speculation, however, you did a great job at keeping it a big secret. I’m just sad you’re all graduating… (but happy for you as well) 🙂

  7. Joseph L

    Thanks for putting me on the bingo board! haha

  8. Wait a minute…this is ending?! As an alumn, I really enjoyed reading a fresh perspective on life at Lee. Sad to see you go!

  9. I knew it had to be Richard and other people I knew! I love you guys and I will miss you so much! Thanks for your willingness to make us laugh but also to start conversations. 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Guys and girl. Pass this on to some other freaking people. Pick some Kairos kids. The end.

  12. Diane

    You guys rock. I am so proud to call you my family.

    …by the way, is it cool that I refer to you as family members? Okay great.

  13. J. Holt

    Called it.

    • Mary McCampbell

      You folks have made Lee very proud with your excellent writing, edgy wit, and instigation of important conversations. We will miss it!

  14. Mommie Graves

    To Lee U: So sorry to have unleashed this pen upon your unsuspecting campus. Her dad and I wanted to keep her hidden in the little room under the stairs, but the Psychologist insisted we let her out into the Real World. “She’s destined to save the World,” he said. We agreed, reluctantly, and sent her to Lee with a suitcase and an owl t-shirt. Only later did I take a better look at the sign outside his office and see that it read “Psycho”, not “Psychologist”. I think he read way too many Potter books and, well, here we all are. As for the other three, I didn’t raise them, so don’t blame me.

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