List Thursday: You know you’re a senior if…

1. You remember U-Church every Sunday

Superchick was once the biggest deal ever to hit campus. How far we have come.

2. You took classes in Buildings that don’t exist anymore

Its unfortunate that no one ever interrupts chapel speakers to shout about how superior the Beach Building was to Medlin.

3. You remember when certain buildings didn’t exist

Seniors should be able to remember the ‘shiny roof’ phase of construction for most buildings, seeing as how nearly half of campus has been built since we got here.

4. You remember Barbara Searcy

She put the ‘Fleeing Toothy Mis’ in Feminist Theology. Look it up, its and anagram.

5. You dread the phrase ‘Clean Access’

We bet this log in panel made your heart leap a little with dread.

6. You were a member of the 30+ club

We couldn’t find a picture of those ugly t-shirts. So here is a picture of a similarly ugly dog.

7. You were ever worried that the Women’s Soccer team was going to lose the National Championship game

You ladies used to be mere mortals.

8. You had to scoop your own ice cream

“That Mayfield ice cream is frozen solid. Let me get it for you”

9. You stepped in puddles of water where the Chi fountain is now

Sometimes we think the standing water was just redirected into the fountain. Be thankful for dry shoes underclassmen.

10. You stood in the shade of real trees on the Ped Mall

Physical Plant would replace the giving tree if it didn’t have enough flowers.

11. Oh So Cavalier.

Admittedly, they’re no The Mailboxes, but they were ours.

12. Free pickle spears were the highlight of Ask the President Chapel

Sodexo, you’re doing it right. Also, remember when Sodexo had an h?



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3 responses to “List Thursday: You know you’re a senior if…

  1. oh gosh. so many memories.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m a junior so I only remember about half of these! Great stuff and great memories…

  3. jonathan stone

    I miss the house personally. Oh the legal dance parties.

    What happened to Barb Searcey? I took at least one class with her. I remember her theology class being easy haha it was barely any theology at all. But she was great.

    Clean access is the best on this list though

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