List Thursdays: Things Everyone Wants to See on Your Facebook

  1. A countdown of your exams and papers

    Thanks for posting: "I have 3 exams and 2 papers until I'm DONE!" We were all so interested.

  2. Screenshots of your inside-joke texts

    People are going to be LOLing right alongside you.


  3. Intagram photos of everyday household objects

    Pink hair clips never get old when artistically arranged.


  4. Daily self-portraits

    "My dear, your duckface has never looked better on you."


  5. A self-deprecating status to garner compliments

    If your status doesn't work, you can always tear off one of these.


  6. The lyrics to that song that perfectly expresses your feelings right now

    Condescending fox has much wisdom to share.


  7. The Family Force 5 music video you’re “totally in”

    "That's my hand! Right there! And my friend's hand!"


  8. Make-out photos

    While you wouldn't make out in public, your Facebook page is a great place to do so.


  9. Jeremiah 29:11

    If this translation doesn't mess with your mind, nothing will.


  10. Invitations to win a free iPad

    Invite your friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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2 responses to “List Thursdays: Things Everyone Wants to See on Your Facebook

  1. Anonymous


  2. Anonymous

    You forgot about the pictures that say “like if you remember/do this”

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