List Thursdays: Things Lee University “totally shouldn’t” change

1.  Lack of student voice

Lee University is great without any form of representative student voice. With great outlets for proper discussion about important campus issues like "Ask the President" or an anonymous, very un-veiled satire blog, why would Lee need any type of institutionalized student voice? Besides student governments aren't anything but popularity contests, right?

2. Male dominance of chapel speakers

When the administration promised to invite more females to speak in chapel, we all knew in our hearts that this was a shrewd political move to silence the radical far-left element in the student body. Everyone knows that diversity is for liberals; what students in a globalizing society undergoing rapid technological change really need is to hear from more white male Church of God pastors.

3. The vast differences in academic rigor between majors

Not everyone needs to be reading primary sources in their upper-level classes. Some people need to reflect more than they need to research. And an “A” is a right, not a privilege. Teachers need to understand that getting an education is only a priority for a small percentage of the students at Lee. The suckers who think their teachers are paid to make them learn should remain squirrelled away in the Political Science and Biology departments with the other nerds.

4. Reliance on a select group of wealthy individuals for non-tuition funding

Ever wonder why they use the same five names to name buildings on campus. They don't call him Rich for nothing.

5. An outdated student handbook with unenforced/unenforceable rules

No, we aren't talking about the Community Covenant, we are talking about the handbook in itself. We love that rules like "use of tobacco" can be openly shirked if students walk right off campus. Also, we love the students groups listed in the Academic Council, like B.O.S.S. (Men’s Step Club) and Lee Buddies.


Take advantage of students’ idealism and passion by giving them impossible jobs at incredibly low rates of pay? A truly innovative approach to residential staffing, considering most state schools give RAs their own rooms and board in exchange for enforcing minimal rules and planning an event or two every semester. Nothing says ‘we care about students’ like doing half that much for RAs who have to ensure cleanliness and holiness some of the time, social enjoyment the rest of the time, and super-duper-peppiness all of the time.

7. One dimensional Small Groups

Girls always and only struggle with self-esteem issues. Guys always and only struggle with porn. The best approach to discipleship is to put another student in charge of talking about feelings until everyone has admitted this. Also, using the words “love”, “vulnerability”, and “deep” will boost attendance at girls’ group, and guys’ small groups should always be themed something about REAL MEN. Disagreement, the word “discipline”, and the Old Testament should continue to be avoided at all costs.

8. Disproportionate Distribution of Teaching Assistants and Student Workers

We love that the Psychology program, for instance, has separate TA for nearly every single class, while the three Humanities professors share just one student worker. Students will work for $7.25 an hour, which really is too expensive to afford to hire proportionate number of student workers and TAs. Besides, our professors aren’t nearly busy enough.

9. Centennial and Presidential Scholars

Best thing ever. Smart kids get less-intelligent kids to pay for their tuition? Rock on, my bourgeoise friend. Rock on.

10. The quality of speakers at Lady Flames soccer games

Because nothing says “Four time national champions” like listening to low quality music being blared out of a tiny, crackly megaphone-like speaker.



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13 responses to “List Thursdays: Things Lee University “totally shouldn’t” change

  1. Anonymous

    Res Life: I’ve never heard a truer statement.

  2. Anonymous

    This is awesome. I just discovered this site, but I’ll definitely be back for more. Keep up the good work!

  3. Devin

    While I agree with a lot of these, a lot of these weren’t funny, just bitter. It wasn’t satire.

  4. Anonymous

    I totally agree with Devin. Some of these were funny, while others were purely bitter and even ignorant. RAs DO get their room payed for and some of their board (although, Chaplains do not — and should). And Lee’s scholarships were a LIFE SAVER for me and I’m sure many others who wouldn’t have had this opportunity otherwise. It’s like the real world; awards go to people who put the effort in, not people who sit around in their pajamas all day with nothing better to do but critique others.

  5. Anonymous

    I wonder how many SmallGroups this person even attended? If you wanted to talk about something specific or thought that something was talked about too much all you had to do was talk to your Chaplain or Floor Leader…

  6. Anonymous

    I wonder how many people read the disclaimer…

  7. Anonymous

    Disappointing article. To the commenter above, the disclaimer is not a free pass. This seems like a toned down tirade.

  8. Anonymous

    Fantastic! Bitter isnt the correct word for honesty

  9. Diff? Is that you?

    Well, I think we can all conclude that the Leek writers are Clarion/Shenanigans/Kairos people based upon this article.

  10. Anonymous

    Your critiques of Res Life are spot on. As a former RA, I have to agree with everything you said. They expect the impossible and give very little in return.

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