Endowment doubles after elderly Encore student donates piggy bank

Frederick the pig was crushed to learn he'd be donated.

Lee University’s endowment doubled in size early Wednesday morning. The event occurred when Fannie McPherson, a resident of North Cleveland Towers, donated her pink piggy bank, which she’d been saving since the Great Crash of 1929.

“Bless my stars, Pappy always told me to be careful and to not trust banks. I keep some of my money in Frederick the pig, and then I keep the rest under my mattress. Don’t print that, okay?”

McPherson continued, “I’ve been such a fan and supporter of Lee University ever since I took a class on the book of James through the Encore program. I figured donating Frederick the pig was the least I could do.”

McPherson hopes that her $49.28 donation to the endowment will help create endowment scholarship opportunities and will lessen Lee University’s dependence on less-gifted students to balance its scholarship checkbook.

Chris Conine, Chief Financial Officer of Lee University, expressed his gratitude by weeping profusely with joy once he heard the news of McPherson’s donation.

McPherson is just one of as many as a dozen of alumni who have donated to expand Lee University’s endowment over the last decade. Most stories are similar to McPherson’s.

President Paul Conn issued a statement on the matter saying, “When I speak in chapel, I often talk about God’s will. And I purposefully use the word ‘will’ to convey exactly how their last will and testament should read. We’ve grown a good crop of students over the years, and I believe that within the next thirty to forty years we’ll begin reaping the dividends of my subliminal messaging as more of them kick the bucket.”

In celebration, Thursday has been declared “Fannie McPherson Day” by State Representative Kevin Brooks. Kim Brooks, his wife, is currently preparing a formal reception to take place in the Centenary Room for McPherson and the other eleven alumni donors.


Lee University's endowment has been described by some as "cute."


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