Scott Stapp awarded honorary Masters degree in Church Music

Phil Cook went on to describe Stapp as a 'hippie longstockings'

Scott Stapp, lead singer of Creed and perhaps Lee University’s most famous former student, was awarded a Masters degree in Church Music over the Lee Day festivities. The decision to give such a prestigious award to such a controversial student was met with both general criticism and praise.

“Scott was in town for Lee day and so I thought what the hey!” said Paul Conn “You know I once had a heart to heart meeting with Stapp before he was expelled, and I always thought that he took something away from that. I always thought that, because of that meeting, somehow, I (and Lee of course) influenced the success of Creed.”

“Rock On,” continued Conn with a tear in his eye.

Vice President of Admissions Phil Cook, however, was not so keen on this weekend’s events.

Said Cook, “We gave away one of our most prestigious degrees to a delinquent, long haired, Rocker whose sole  goal in life is to write bad poetry and mumble through it as if he had a mouthful of peanut butter. How do you think I feel?”

Mr. Stapp was elated at the award and said he would put it to good use.

“I always wanted to come back and finish my degree and now I don’t have to,” said Stapp in his trademark gravely baritone. “And Church Music, wow! I always considered calling my band ‘Covenant’ after the Community Covenant, and after this generosity, I will consider it again. You know I really just came here to see Family Force Five (they rule), but ol’ P. Conn found me and offered me this degree in exchange for giving him tips on writing power ballads. I was happy to oblige.”

Dr. Bill Green, dean of the School of Music, wrote a press release which said among other things that Creed was ‘totally awesome’ and that the award was ‘well deserved considering thinking about God while listening to Creed is basically worship’.



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8 responses to “Scott Stapp awarded honorary Masters degree in Church Music

  1. donnie

    Phil Cook must not like anything besides J103 and 15 year old praise and worship music. Creed’s rock music has infiltrated the secular socitey and established clean music with a message. Rock On!

  2. Anonymous

    what a shame! Freely giving a church music masters degree that so many people have sacrificed so hard to obtain???????

  3. Anonymous

    For those of you not familar with this website, we would like to provide a more visible disclaimer: The information above is not true. Scott has not been notfied of this honor and was clearly not in attendence for any Lee Day festivties. Therefore, the quote is untrue and not said by Scott. For those of you who do not know, see below disclaimer. “Nothing on here is real.”

  4. anonymous

    Maybe you folks should include the definition of satire at the beginning of each article? For the record–my comment is a joke.

  5. Anonymous

    phil cook is a weiner.scott stapp rules

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