Greek Club members decry exclusivity of Honors Chapel

Tuesday’s Honors Chapel, which is designed to showcase Lee University’s academic elite, has been met with public outrage by members of Lee University’s Greek clubs. On Monday, representatives of the enraged Greek clubbers met behind closed doors with four summa cum laude students, while Jerome Hammond, Vice President for University Relations, moderated the exchange.

A delegation of Greek club members, shown above, fought for equality for all.

“When I first heard of the tension between the academic community and the Greek community, I knew I was the guy to consult. I’m VP for University Relations, so this tense relationship was clearly something where my skills could be put to good use,” said Hammond.

Members of the Greek community at Lee University worry that by having graduating honors students sitting on stage during the chapel, students without qualifying GPAs will feel left out.

“I just don’t see the need for distinction,” said Haley Dumont, a member of DZT and little sister for Upsilon. “If we are going to truly be the body of Christ, then why do we need to draw artificial divisions among ourselves that only further create factions within our community?”

Reports indicate it took 2.5 hours to sort out whose jersey was whose. Many guests had to call home to remember which particular club they were in.

Brandon Clapton of Alpha Gamma Chi expressed a similar sentiment. “At the Koinos worship event last year, the entire Greek community took off their jerseys and threw them into a big pile. Our goal was to tear down the divisions between students and to make everyone feel accepted.”

Clapton also added that there was a slight jersey mix-up when he and the other Greek club members went to retrieve their jerseys from the pile after the event.

Ashton Jesse Reagan, president of Theta, quietly chimed in that he had been rejected before. If Lee University is interested in creating an “in crowd” at the expense of those people who would be rejected, then Reagan says he will contemplate transferring schools after he finishes up his sixth year this spring.

Members of Pi Kappa Pi were surprised to learn that chapel exists and were unavailable for comment.

Shannon Hannover, a senior biochemistry major with a 3.98 GPA, responded to these accusations by saying that recognizing hard work and talent is different than judging who people are as individuals.



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    Yeah I havent been at chapel since that black guy made us chant “I am keeping my eye,” needless to say I am proud of this decision.

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