PCSU cafe to be replaced by Blue Like Jazzman’s

Owner's hope that this "emergent coffee" will be hip enough to speak to Lee students where they are.

After failing to renegotiate an annual campus-eatery contract, Lee University will be replacing Jazzman’s Cafe next semester, sources say.

The cafe, a staple of the university since construction of the student union 10 years ago, is slated to be replaced by a new coffee shop called “Blue Like Jazzman’s.”

“When Pizza Hut wanted too much money, we dropped them for Papa Conn’s,” said Kelvin Tarukwasha, general manager of Lee University Dining Services. “It’s easy to be comfortable and just deal with Jazzman’s, but we’ve had a gradual awakening and it’s time for us to take a radical step.”

Blue Like Jazzman’s will provide a spiritual alternative to many of the secular, mainstream eateries on campus, like Subway and Dunkin’ Donuts, Tarukwasha said.

“Some students have lost confidence in coffee in this postmodern culture,” he said. “Blue Like Jazzman’s will help them reflect on everything from fundamentalism to frappés.

Article submitted by anonymous contributor.


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