List Thursdays: Creative ways to get service hours before the April 1 deadline

Participate in a 24-hour walk-a-thon

You'll always remember and celebrate your walk-a-thon experience.

Adopt pets with an autism-spectrum disorder

*basket not included

Tutor multiple children simultaneously

Multitasking never felt so good.

Delegate service

Students who delegate should think of themselves as service supervisors.

Buy and distribute pizza, like SLC

"I bought and handed out pizza for ten hours to meet my service requirement." - Anonymous senior biochemistry major with blonde hair and an ex boyfriend with attachment issues.

Watch TV in nursing home lobby

"It's nice knowing that I can sit in silence with someone who is only visiting me because it's a requirement to graduate." - Elizabeth Martin, a senior citizen at North Cleveland Towers.

Kidnap vagrant children and teach them proper dining room etiquette 

Pinkies out, kid.

Write parking tickets for campus safety

"I first felt a calling to write tickets when I was eight years old at vacation bible school."

Give a homeless person your house for a day

Give him your bed, and he won't need those karate lessons for a night.

Go to every service at North Cleveland Church of God

Parishioners at North Cleveland Church of God rack up service hours.


Congressman Joe Wilson will call you out.


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