Female students bemoan loss of “legging weather”

Across campus, women are up in arms.  The cause, the unusually sunny and warm March that has ripped “legging season” from them one month to soon.

Some students, like Grace Cartwright (seen above), have vowed not to take off their leggings for the rest of the semester.

Janice Patrick, who could be seen all winter not wearing actual pants, summed up the female populations dejection.

“Leggings are as revealing as good, modest Proverbs 31 ladies are allowed to dress.  What will we do now!?” Patrick said.

Despite Lee girls protest, fashion experts insist that there are “legging-free” wardrobe alternatives for looking cute and yet completely unprofessional.

Annie Mowery, Lee alumna and fashion expert, insists that summer clothes open a variety of options to young women.

Nancine Raul, like much of Sharp-Davis, is very passionate about her leggings.

“I mean, think about it.  We have our shorts, tank-tops, sundresses and raincoats for the months of torrential downpour, all unique and fashion forward,” Mowery said.

The National Council for Fashion Change (NCFC) reports that “fashion-whining periods” are to be expected.

The council published a report last year highlighting the peak moments and longevity of fashion remorse.

“The end of winter and summer brings the most sadness,” the report states. “However, fashionistas will quickly transition to the next season when summer movies, MTV and every magazine in America tells them what is cool to wear and how odd their last fashion fad was.”


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