“The Pocketwatch” trailer wins Best Picture at Lee University Film Festival

For the first time in its short history, the Lee University Film Festival was won by a non-Lee student.

Judges praised the “original choice” to feature Kyle Gazak in a student made production.

The judges and administrators ignored the clearly defined rule, and allowed former student Nathan McKay to enter his trailer for his upcoming feature film “The Pocketwatch.”

McKay, all around swell guy and movie visionary, admitted that it took less cajoling then he originally anticipated to convince those in charge to allow his trailer to compete.

“I’m pretty good at getting what I want, just ask Perry Stone,” McKay said, referencing the substantial financial support “The Pocketwatch” received from the local evangelist. “I figured they would have to come around, but as soon as I asked, they were begging me to submit my trailer.”

When all the votes were in and films watched, the judges unanimously voted “The Pocketwatch Trailer” for best picture.

Stacey Isom, a judge and Lee professor specializing in creative writing and scripts, had high praise for the trailer.

“Where the other videos came to a discernable end, I loved how McKay’s work left me wanting more,” Isom said.

Other praises from the judges included: “Great use of guns, no one does that anymore.” “The use of voice-over as a narrative tool was unique and inspired.” and “McKay is definitely ‘pulling a Nolan.'”



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2 responses to ““The Pocketwatch” trailer wins Best Picture at Lee University Film Festival

  1. Sarah

    I would like to point out that even if the trailer had won, it wouldn’t be the first time by a non-lee student.

  2. jonathan stone

    and then it got shafted.

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