Construction workers for new communication building must abide by Community Covenant, Conn says

Construction workers for Lee University’s upcoming Communication and the Arts building will be expected to abide by the Community Covenant, Lee University President Paul Conn said today.

The new rules signal the university’s first major shift in construction procedure since Livingston Hall was built in 1995 and workers were no longer allowed to cuss in front of students.

Clove cigarrettes seem to be the tobacco of choice for Lee's construction workers.

Cleveland-based Tri-Con construction is expected to build the new 35,000 square feet facility, which is slated to be completed in 2014.

“This represents a whole new challenge for our employees,” Tri-Con president Raymond Conn said in a news release. “Each worker will receive a copy of the Community Covenant to sign before they ever step foot on the work site.”

Raymond said the covenant will be made available in both English and Spanish.

“Workers will no longer be allowed to smoke on site or plagiarize blueprints,” Raymond said. “Also, adultery and immodesty will not be tolerated.”

Workers will be expected to attend chapel regularly while on campus, and will be unable to use “work” as an excuse for exemption, he said.

Construction workers who do not abide by the Community Covenant will reportedly be subject to write reflection papers after putting in service hours at the construction site.

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