List Thursdays: Little Known Lee University Awards

1. The Being Jamie Achten Award

After earning every award at Lee, a new award was created for Jamie Achten, soccer phenom, stellar student, and all around good girl.

2. Oldest Encore Student

Kyle Burt has been taking classes through Lee for 76 years.

3. Most Bible Pumps

The winner gained huge muscles only on his up-stage arm.

4. Shortest Running Shorts

Who else but the men's cross country team?

5. Most Parking Tickets

Kendra Jordan didn't realize she couldn't park in the Dixon Center parking lot 103 times.

6. $4!++iest Guy on Campus

Stephen Van Gorp wins the prize for $4!++iest Guy on Campus. With his egotistical spirit, desire to be the center of attention, hatred for all humans, rampant use of profanity and a tireless desire to tear others down, Gorp is clearly the least liked dude on campus.

7. Most Original Student

This guy.

8. Most Concerned Group for Africa

9. Billy Graham Award for Future Transfer Students

This award is granted to a student destined to transfer away and go on to change the world.

10. Significant Other Award

The entirety of Nora's RA staff won this award for their former significant others. This award is given to anyone who "serves Residential Life faithfully" by being dumped due to "not enough time in the day, something had to go" in their partner's life.


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