Ladies of Lee Unable to Perform; Every Member has same “Mystery Illness”

A scheduled performance by Ladies of Lee was canceled at the last minute on Friday afternoon because nearly every member of the choir was too ill to sing.

The Ladies of Lee are very close friends.

“For the past two days I’ve just been getting email after email,” said Loralee Songer, director of the ensemble. “After we lost the last of our second sopranos, I had to call the church and cancel the concert.”

Songer also pointed out that the choir spends several hours practicing together every week, and many members also live together or otherwise spend time together outside of rehearsal. “It’s easy for illnesses to ‘go around’ under those circumstances.”

Choir members were reluctant to comment on the symptoms of the illness, but Christopher Patterson, boyfriend of “Ladies” member Allison Arpin, said he thought it was “unlikely that many more people will catch it”.

It is rumored that Ladies of Lee has canceled all future performances falling on the 9th of the month.

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