Students think air in library is “too fresh”

Students find that overall freshness of air in the Squires Library makes it impossible to focus on academics.

Students across campus agree: The air in the library is a little too fresh. This is believed to be the causal explanation for plummeting grades this semester, as fewer students are able to cope with the overall freshness in the library while studying. These students have been forced to move their academic endeavors elsewhere.

Jacqueline Ragnow, a sophomore English major, said, “I honestly have a difficult time studying, unless the humidity is at 100 percent and the air feels like a musty attic. That’s why I’ve decided to set up a makeshift study area in the attic of my apartment. I just miss the smell otherwise”

Caleb Thurgood, a junior interdisciplinary studies major, echoed this sentiment: “Every time I go into the library, it smells like an alpine forest. I’m trying to focus on my academics—not go on a hike through the Smoky Mountains.”

Dr. Louis Morgan, head librarian at Lee University, disagrees: “Here at the Squires Library, our primary goal is to ensure that it doesn’t smell like an old, dank, musty dungeon.”

When pressed on the declining number of students using the library, Morgan responded by pointing out that, while overall numbers have declined, the number of students using amenities such as the hammock and learning about the history of the Church of God from the in-house museum has actually increased. Moreover, nearly 100 visitors viewed the library’s unique collection of Audubon’s fern drawings last week.

A small group of students joined together outside of the library on Tuesday to protest the overall freshness of the air. These students held signs ranging from “In must we trust” to “humidity kills stupidity.” These students have made one thing clear: They’re not going to be satisfied until the air in the library smells a little less fresh.


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