Forever friendship formed in first floor bathrooms

Stephen Huldrick and Kyle French began a life-long friendship, Friday, March 2, 2012, during an localized onslaught of tornadoes.

Huldrick, who lives in O’Bannon 125, and French, who resides in O’Bannon 425, were forced to meet each other when all residents of the _25 dorm rooms were told to wait out the tornadoes in the first floor bathroom.

The friends, plus Sally Jinkins who was relaxing in the cluster when the tornado warning began, played board games to pass the time.

“It’s crazy.  He sleeps directly 3 floors above me, and I had no idea he existed,” Huldrick said.

The two started playing Apples to Apples and it was an instantaneous realization of a permanent friendship, French’s concerned suitemate voiced.

The bond formed in the moment of close proximity showed its everlasting nature in the continued interaction of the two BFFFL’s (Best Friends Forever For Life).

“They stayed in the bathroom for an extra seven hours, just talking,” Frederick Jackson, Huldrick’s Residential Assistant said. “I thought it was weird, but hey, no rules were being broken.  Why should over anxious crisis preparation not lead to the ultimate vision of friendship love this campus has ever seen?”

According to reports, the BFFFL’s have scheduled regular movie nights, and have agreed to remain friends, at least until one of them gets a girlfriend.


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  1. Anonymous

    Great story but terrible photoshop skills

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