Students: Phil Wickham’s talent “not worshipful”

Phil Wickham is "too talented" to be considered a real worship leader.

Phil Wickham performed in the Conn Center Sunday night, but not everyone was happy about it. Several students felt that the overall quality of his lyrics, the range of his voice, and his stirring chord progressions were not reflective of the Christian worship services to which they were accustomed. Many students complained that Wickham was “a little too talented” to be worshipful.

Jimmy Harper has been profusely apologizing to students for the overall excellent quality of Wickham’s performance.

Cameron Maynard, a sophomore Church Music major, said, “Phil’s chord progressions were a little too complicated. If he wants to lead people into worship, he needs to stick with a G-C-D progression, and occasionally throw in an A minor on the more mournful verses of worship songs.”

Chastity Hope, an undecided freshman major, felt that Wickham’s voice promoted lustful thoughts. “The tonality and range of his voice was just a little too sexy for a worship setting. The entire time he was singing, I just couldn’t help but imagine being his submissive wife. I even considered learning the organ so that way I could accompany him when we took our children on tour.”

Victor Banks, a freshman business major, said, “I hated the lighting. I prefer to worship under fluorescent light, but they obviously chose to be extremely worldly with their lighting choices for this particular worship service. I felt like I was at a concert.”

Several students, speaking under the condition of anonymity, expressed disappointment that Wickham’s lyrics included references to stars and galaxies. One student pointed out that people have been worshiping the sun as a god for ages, and that singing about God’s creation while praising Jesus intertwines two topics that should be left separate.

Wickham, who recently fathered a child with a woman for the first time, has been performing for between six and seven years. His songs have been performed in at least twelve churches nationwide, spanning at least three denominations.



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7 responses to “Students: Phil Wickham’s talent “not worshipful”

  1. Johanna

    This makes me sad. I hoped for more from the students at Lee (both writers and worshipers). I recently saw Phil Wickham in concert and I often worship God with his music. I felt the opposite of everything this article stated. It inspires me to hear new songs being sung to the Lord and I love seeing the talent He gives us, shown in so many ways. Our God is completely creative. Mentioning His amazing creation does not mean we are worshiping it. He knows our hearts intent, so unless you are struggling with worshiping creation, I think talking about His amazing work brings joy to God’s heart. The last paragraph has absolutely nothing to do with the topic of the article. It sounds as if it is a negative thing and that he may or may not be married. The “woman” is his wife. I feel it was a disrespectful comment.

  2. Jaime

    I think this is ridiculous, Phil Wickham is a great worship leader and it shouldnt be about the lights, the words, or the types of chords, if youre heart is truly seeking God you should be able to worship Him whatever the circumstances. Its sad to see these comments about it because it just seems like we have a certain “setting” we have to have in order to worship God these days, its really pathetic.

  3. Jaime

    haha just kidding.

  4. C

    Wow! Too talented to be a real worship leader? Seems that many are being legalistic and judgemental…or is it jealousy because you wish you were that talented?
    The girl who imagined herself as his wife? That is completely her issue and has nothing to do with him. Fathered a child with a woman for the first time? He is MARRIED.
    Were we listening to the same songs? I did not hear/comprehend any worship to sun/moon/galaxies. God created the Heaven and Earth..we should rejoice in His majesty and creation….that is what the songs were about.

    BTW…it WAS a concert!

  5. Anonymous

    This must be a joke….obviously you students are not that dumb.

  6. Caitlin

    hahahaha. i can’t believe people are taking this seriously. it’s so obviously sarcasm.. & i love it.

    • Lisa

      If you want to believe it is a joke then do so…but seriously…how can it be construed as a joke? As someone who has been in an extremely conservitive and legalistic church environment…It can be seen that the writer meant every word!

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