Big Pal Little Pal to include height requirements for Big Pals

This new logo reflects the BPLP height requirement

After a series of embarrassing incidents involving high profile members of Big Pal Little Pal being mistaken for children (and in one case a medium build monkey) the members of Big Pal Little Pal have decided to instigate a height requirement for all future members.

“We can no longer be expected to perform our duties as Big Pals when the Little Pals are taller than us,” the resigning president and relatively small person said. “BPLP needs to be restructured internally to make sure that these children are getting the mentors they deserve.”

Three members of the current BPLP cabinet were under the limits chosen by the club, which has led some to believe that an internal coup d’etat has occurred. The members under the limit have been asked politely to resign, though not all have gone as politely as the club had hoped.

“It’s all a conspiracy,” shouted ousted member Karen Reinhold. “The tall members planned on kicking us out in secret. There always whispering to each other up there. I can never understand them.” Reinhold plans on starting a rival organization called Little Pal Little Pal.

“We wanted to call it Older Pal Younger Pal, but we felt that might be a little too creepy for what we’re trying to accomplish,” Reinhold said.

Of course the most affected by this drastic change will be the children which they serve in the community.

“Those small Big Pals could never play piggy back ride correctly,” local child Desean Peters said. “They were also way too good at “Hide and Go Seek” too. I once saw a Big Pal [now an ousted little pal] curl up and hide in a mailbox. I didn’t even know people could do that!”

Games like Tug of War will become much more competitive with the bigger pals

Overall the children seem to be taking it in stride, as their competitiveness in “Hide and Go Seek” has increased substantially since the change.

“BPLP will build a new future, based on physical prowess and hanging out with local children,” self described ‘biggest pal’ Mason Dukes said. “Our little past will never eclipse our big, big future.”

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