Junior recital filled to capacity, forced to continue in Conn Center

Some were even forced to stand on stage near Ms. Sharpe

Leslie Sharpe, a junior music major, was supposed to spend her Thursday night giving flute performance in Squires recital Hall. Instead she found herself front and center on the Conn Center stage.

“I was as surprised as anyone” said a flushed Leslie after her admittedly moving performance of Luciano Berio’s Sequenza I. “I used the normal way to advertise for it. You know, posters and flyers with my name on bulletin boards around campus.”

Her performance, which was supposed to be at 7:00 in Squires, was moved to the Conn Center at 8:00 when Squires was filled to half capacity.

“Squires was not built to accommodate over two-thirds capacity of its space” said a chapel usher who was on call for the event.

By 7:30, after the movement to Conn had been announced, students and community spectators had filled every seat on both the first floor and the balcony. Lines were quickly formed outside the building by students who heard a rumor that there was going to be a last minute lottery for tickets.

“I just love the flute!” said Janet Ekhart, a Lee Alumna who now works at the Cleveland Public Library. “I saw a poster by chance when I stopped for Coffee in the PCSU, and I knew I couldn’t miss this chance”

These hats were sold out prior to the event

Lee students were equally as excited. A group of men from New Hughes hall showed up wearing shirts and waving signs that said ‘New Hughes Flautist Fanatics’. “We’ve been planning on coming for weeks,” said their public relations officer Garret Maize who said he first heard about the event during small group.

The Lee University School of Music is now planning a more organized response system in case this kind of underestimation happens again.


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