Convocation speakers scared by students

What do Josh Rice, Chris Goins and Mark Williams have in common?  They all agree that speaking to Lee University is “incredibly unnerving.”

The speakers, in a conference call interview with the-Leek following the final night of convocation, cited the Bible minor of each student as one of the reasons for their trepidation.

"I was taught in seminary that if I got nervous, I should imagine the audience in their underwear. That doesn't work when all you can see are some of the leading Christian thinkers from the past 2,000 years." -Mark Williams

“It’s just unnerving that all of these students have had Message of the Old and New Testament, and as such can scholarly and intellectually critique my sermon,” said Rice, a 1999 graduate of Lee University, who understands the “excellent biblical and theological training students in these classes receive.”

Rice went on to point out that the addition of several new faculty members has done nothing to decrease the theological knowledge of the student body as a whole.

“Then, they have to go and bring back people like Skip Jenkins. Skip Jenkins!” Rice exclaimed clearly flustered.

Goins seconded Rice’s fears.

Self-proclaimed Jedi Knight, Skip Jenkins, does look awfully similar to whiny Anakin Skywalker.

“It was enough that every student not only learned in the classroom the truths of scripture and had to walk them out in biblical based service learning.  Now they bring that ‘jedi’ alumnus on as a teacher and one quarter of the student body receives seminary level training in their Intro to Theo. class,” Goins said.

However, the level of the students knowledge of the intricacies of the word was not the most fear-inducing, spine-numbing aspect of preaching in the Conn Center, said the nervous men.  That prize goes to following speakers who have been on the stage before.

“Really?” asked Williams. “They expect us to follow the likes of Ravi Zacharias and Louis Giglio?  Are they nuts?”

When asked if they would like to speak again at Lee University the men agreed but stated that “they need time to recover and maybe go through seminary again to keep up with those brilliant Lee undergraduates.”



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  2. Anonymous

    I had a crash course with Jedi Jenkins two summers ago. His two-week training seminar had a lasting effect to where I can read guest speakers minds. I’ll admit, it’s kinda scary.

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