Girl shunned, labeled “scab” for wearing eyeliner during makeup fast

Julia Whitaker, a sophomore education major, has filed an official complaint with Residential Life claiming that she has been treated unfairly by the girls on her hall for accidentally breaking her pledge to go makeup-free this week.“I thought we were making a spiritual commitment, not a hall rule. I had a presentation that day and I didn’t even think about it when I got up that morning,” Whitaker said.

She says she wore the eyeliner for about six hours before a fellow fast-pledger pointed it out.

Maria Beernink is understandably upset.

Though she says her hallmates in Cross 1 overreacted to her “transgression”, they feel their irritation is justified. “We’re trying to showcase our natural beauty, and she’s making us look ugly,” said Maria Beernink, Whitaker’s suitemate. “She’s a scab!”

Whitaker responded: “I don’t really even know what they mean by that. It’s a pretend fast, not a labor strike.”

The residents of Cross 1 reportedly pledged to go without makeup for one week last Thursday during SmallGroup.

“For this week of re-evaluating our ideas about beauty, we promised to rely on God for our sense of self-worth, and to support one another in sisterly love,” Beernink said.

“Instead, Julia betrayed her pledge. She’s like Rahab the prostitute!”

When reminded that Rahab is portrayed favorably in the Bible, Beernink, visibly flustered, left “to go journal”.

Whitaker has decided to continue wearing makeup this week in light of her hallmates’ harsh behavior, saying that she “personally felt OK about her self-image”.

“Besides,” Whitaker added, “I’ve got a date on Tuesday. The usual gang of guys has disappeared from our lobby this week, but I’ve been asked out three times.”


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5 responses to “Girl shunned, labeled “scab” for wearing eyeliner during makeup fast

  1. Anonymous

    It’s so true! All they talk about is poor self image in small group!

  2. Anonymous

    omg Tyra Banks omg omg omg omg

  3. Anonymous

    this is hilarious.

  4. Anonymous

    Boring bring back Fridays at Lee

  5. Anonymous

    I think it’s hilarious that these girls were to “support each other in sisterly love” and then they call Whitaker names…doesn’t quite add up to be a nice Christian hall of girls.

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