Convocation canceled Tuesday night, Feb. 14

"I designed the card with a uniquely ancient feel to highlight the longstanding history of this Christian celebration." - Kyle Barrett

Campus administration has canceled the evening convocation service this Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2012, admitting they “overlooked other festivities in honor of St. Valentine.”

The word was spread through custom made Valentine’s Day cards designed by Lee alumni Kyle Barrett that were stuffed in each of the students campus mailboxes.

“The celebration of an ancient Christian martyr just could not be passed over by our campus,” stated the fine print of the announcement.

The announcement went on to suggest that students take the free time and travel to Rome to see the Basilica of Saint Mary in Cosmedin, where the skull of the saint is on exhibit.

As for students squandering this opportunity to venerate a church hero by socializing with one-on-one with a person of the opposite sex, the card made very clear that “students can still worship Jesus privately with their significant other.”

While visiting St. Valentine's remains, a couple might as well stop by the Trevi Fountain.

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