Convocation Bingo [that you can actually play].

A little something to make your evenings this week slightly more bearable than your evenings next week, when you’ll be studying for all the exams that have been pushed back to make time for your spiritual development.

Just one of 2.84753857 x 10^23 possible Convocation bingo cards!

Click here for your randomized Convocation Bingo card!

Print your card, watch carefully, and shout AMEN if you win.

Many thanks to Devin White for this idea, which originally appeared here (link won’t work unless Devin is your friend or your fan).



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2 responses to “Convocation Bingo [that you can actually play].

  1. A

    Brilliant! Beats all the hymn book games we played as a kid in church. You guys should copyright this.

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