DZT scraps the ‘Hook Up’ for chastity themed event

DZT on their recent Global Perspectives trip to Belarus

Forgoing their usual February event, the ‘Hook Up,’ Delta Zeta Tau decided to change things up this year with a chastity themed event they are calling Chastity in Numbers: A Convent Village. The new event will feature chastity and abstinence themed games and prizes.

“The Hook Up kind of ran its course,” DZT historian Marla Cohn said. “I mean, the Hook Up also got quite a lot of flak in the past for its controversial name. We decided to distance ourselves from something that could be considered so impure.”

DZT events coordinator Karen Hughes said she got the idea from a picture book she read on world religious shrines.

“The illustrations of convents were pretty good,” Hughes said. “Then it just hit me. We could do an event where we show the chaste side of DZT. I’ve always wanted to show my true colors, and I knew my girls would be supportive of the idea.”

The new event is not without internal controversy though.

“Nuns are old, I mean right?” asked one member, who only wished to be known as Pinterest Gosling. “Chaste people have never been fun. Also they wear black, not red, and don’t have husbands. I just can’t deal with this right now”

The event begins at 8:00 in the PCSU and will kick off with a number of abstinence themed party games including, spin the crucifix, dress poker, and seven minutes in public. Prizes will vary throughout the night, but several, including a triple lock chastity belt, a box of promise rings, and an extremely modest outfit, were included on the flyer advertisement.

One of many door prizes

The grand finale of the event will be a convent village set up in adjacent Alumni Park depicting life in a convent. There will be booths set up for specific convent attractions, such as paying penance, or going to confession, each costing a different vow for the duration of the activity.

“We expect the most popular to be a vow of chastity, as we hope people to already come prepared,” said DZT Beau and fake high priest for the event Matt Smith. “Though we’re prepared for vows of silence too.”

“I guess, we are giving people something they wouldn’t have on any other Friday night: dignity in chastity,” said Pinterest Gosling while hanging up a nun piñata.

Free water and bread will be served at the event.


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