Students outraged after Jimmy Harper shakes head ‘no’

Jimmy Harper demonstrates his "neck exercise" following chapel.

Campus pastor Jimmy Harper has sent shock waves through the Lee University campus. Thursday, he was spotted in chapel repeatedly shaking his head “no” while Dr. Raymond Culpepper, General Overseer of the Church of God, spoke to the student body.

Witnesses report that Harper, who typically nods his head in affirmation at even the most idiotic points made by chapel speakers, began shaking his head “no” when Culpepper asked audience, “Can God save you from your sins?” He shook his head a second time when Culpepper asked, “Would you like to grow deeper in your relationship with Christ?”

“That’s not the type of negativity I’m comfortable with,” said freshman psychology major Rachel Breznick. “Our campus pastor should be more affirming than that.”

Jacob Florence, a sophomore pastoral ministries major agreed. “Every chapel service, I stay awake by counting the number of times Pastor Harper bobs his head. It was just weird for him to do something different.”

Harper responded by saying, “Sometimes I get tired of bobbing my head up and down during services, and I just decided I needed to work a different set of muscles in my neck. It was purely a muscular exercise–not a response to what was being said.”

President Conn issued the following statement: “On behalf of the faculty and staff, I am deeply sorry if anyone was offended by the unruly behavior of our campus pastor in chapel this Thursday. I’ve spoken with Pastor Harper personally, and I know that in his heart he didn’t mean to offend anyone. We’ve all made mistakes, and as a Christian community of scholarship, I think it’s important that we extend grace to

Pastor Harper at this difficult time.” Harper is the author of the book Launching a Forever Faith and is best known for “Supporting Ministry on the Lee University campus and beyond……”


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