School of Religion to Require “Games” Class for Youth Ministry Degree

Jillian Crumb, Lee Alum and Youth Ministries graduate, gets passed through an obstacle by her youth group during an icebreaker.

Lee University’s School of Religion has revised its youth ministry degree program to require REC-405: Intro to Icebreakers under the “specialty area” heading alongside classes like Spiritual Formation and Discipleship and Christian Leadership.

Dr. Terry Cross, Dean of the School of Religion, explained the move: “Recent research has shown that approximately 78% of the average youth minister’s job is to invent, teach, and lead games to occupy teens before and after Bible talks. We are simply trying to prepare our graduates for the real world.”

The class will give students experience in such well-known staples as Ultimate Frisbee and Never Have I Ever, as well as more advanced techniques for finding and executing more recently invented, complex activities.

Most students welcomed the change. “I was concerned about this aspect of the job,” said youth ministry major and teenager Jeremiah Frasier. “Do teenagers really care about your hermeneutical abilities? No.”

“I hear that class isn’t too much harder than Personal Evangelism,” added Brian Dirst, a senior in the program.

Some students, however, worried that the changes don’t go far enough. “What about social media?” asked Dawn Ruiz, another YM major. “Facebook and mass texting are probably another 20% of youth ministry. How are we being prepared for that?”

Similar complaints about the nature of the program’s requirements noted the necessity for training for such common youth ministry tasks as: calming overprotective parents, snow skiing once a year, and chugging Mountain Dew.

“I don’t see why we are required to learn so much about the Bible and Christian history,” said sophomore Taylor Moskewitz. “What I need to be learning is, how am I going to keep middle schoolers from making out while I’m talking?”



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4 responses to “School of Religion to Require “Games” Class for Youth Ministry Degree

  1. This is fantastic! This is like Lee’s version of North Korea’s Central News Agency. I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. I just hope that Walt Mauldin doesn’t call you guys into his office. He’s a real bastard.

  2. am

    Totally Uncalled for!!

  3. McClung

    Meant to let you know who responded to your comment Lewis

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