Pioneers for Christ buy Conestoga Wagon

Pioneers for Christ embark on "world tour" in new Conestoga wagon.

One of Lee’s oldest ministry organizations, Pioneers for Christ, just got older this week with their purchase of an antique Conestoga wagon dating from 1845. The wagon, which was purchased from an online western antique auction will be useful to the group in the near future.

“We’re really trying to get back to our roots as missionaries to the pioneers,” said treasurer of PFC Jason Markemp. “This purchase represents a huge investment in what we hope will become the anchor of our organization.”

PFC hopes to take the wagon on tour this summer to minister to the pioneers who originally settled the American west and who they consider the founders of their organization.

“The pioneers are one of the lost groups of people who are still wandering. They need our help to find the light.” said worship leader Katie Sanchez. As the purchase represents about half the operating budget of PFC for the year, they are really hoping to get a good return on the investment.

“Pioneers have gold” said Markemp. “The 49ers who settled California had loads of gold and rode in wagons just like this beauty.  We hope this wagon becomes a symbol of our commitment to the pioneers, and shows them we are city folk who can be trusted with their gold.”

The wagon, which is fifteen feet high and can seat nine comfortably, was made to be pulled by oxen. However after buying the wagon, Sanchez said that they won’t be able to afford the oxen until next year.  “Until then we plan on using freshmen to pull us. It really shows their dedication to the team, and is generally a great team building exercise”.

Pioneers for Christ will be spending their summer tour out west in search of pioneers, completing two different trails. May and June will be spent on the cattle oriented Chisolm trail, while July and August will be saved for the more grueling Mormon trail.

Logo depicting the ministry's new direction


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