Rec. center guys ask scantily clad woman to leave

Some of the heroes line up for a photo in front of the DeVos Recreation Center after their valiant action.

A woman of ill-reputable intentions was asked to leave the DeVos Center for Recreation Monday, Jan. 30, 2012, after a group of basketball players took offense at her attire.

Landus Cunningham, a regular on the pick-up basketball court, was the first to notice the woman.

“She sorta came in sauntering.  She had a cut off tank top and short booty-shorts; it was clear that she was not only here to work out,” Cunningham said.

The lady’s clothing and clear disregard for common decency sent Cunningham into a rage.

“This is the campus where Christ is King.  The campus where Christ is King!  Doesn’t she know that?” Cunningham asked.  “I mean it’s already bad enough that a buffet-style cafeteria and Friday night Greek events challenge my gluttonous tendencies every day, now my sister has to go and incite lust?”

This high quality video surveillance photo from the rec. center's security camera is the only known photo of the perpetrator.

Cunningham wasn’t the only one to be taken aback by the woman’s outfit.  The gathering of recreational basketball players described the woman as: Wanton, Lewd, Lascivious and Jezebel.

“I do not work out for women to ogle my body.  The only reason I pump iron daily is for my own well-being.  The way that women flaunts her natural curves and perfect hourglass figure in order to incite the passions of every man within a 100 foot radius is despicable to me,” Cunningham said.

The men were awarded the Flavius Josephus award, Lee's highest honor.

Director of Recreation Kevin Hudson, took the matter very seriously.

“We always strive to uphold modesty and appropriateness in the attire that we let into the recreation center,” Hudson said. “These rec-center athletes have proven that they are the cream of the university crop by reporting this crime instead of gawking at the beauty of the female form in revealing, scintillating, skin-tight garments.  Well done, men.”

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