Inman Street employees “kind of annoyed”

"My fingers are blistered from making espresso", one barista said.

Employees at Inman Street Coffeehouse say they are “kind of annoyed” at the high traffic the shop has received, largely due to its popularity among Lee students, since opening in October.

“I mostly decided to work here so I would feel like a good person,” Loretta McDaniels said, referring to the fact that the coffee shop’s proceeds go to fund projects by the Salvation Army. “But it’s not really worth it if I’m taking orders and making drinks all the time.”

“They come here in their plaid shirts and TOMS and monopolize the Kinect,” Steve Barker said, another barista, adding that he has no time to watch the large flat screen TV above the bar.

Rumors have circulated that the recent increase in prices at Inman Street is meant to deter students from spending time there.

Roberta Smith, a sophomore and self-described “Inman Street regular,” said Wednesday that she was “kind of annoyed” that the Inman Street’s associates were “kind of annoyed”.

“I paid for this cup of coffee; so what if I’ve been here for four hours?” Smith asked.

Over the course of the same evening, several middle-aged couples could be seen walking in the door, looking around at the groups of lounging students, and quickly retreating again, making the bell over the door ring unnecessarily twice.

“There are so many hormones in that building,” David Blair, 42, said while eyeing a flirting couple through the window. “I put money in the bucket at Christmas; the drive-through at Starbucks is just a lot quieter than this.”


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