Occupy Alumni: Hammock Students Protest Greed

Lee University students "occupy" Alumni Park.

The Occupy Wall Street grassroots movement has found a new home: Alumni Park. For the last three weeks, students have been setting up a shanty-town of ENO hammocks and blankets in the park as they protest the excesses of capitalism.

Dressed in khaki shorts, tye-dye shirts, and $90 Chaco sandals, these protesters are spearheaded by Daniel Brighton, a Lee Alum and Starbucks barista.

“You know, I just feel like. I mean, people are good, you know. And we need to love each other,” Brighton stated, as scents of the unshowered protesters wafted through the air.

Shannon Adams, former president of Invisible Children, stated, “How could I possibly shower when I know that corporate greed on Wall Street is the reason children in Uganda don’t have access to showers?” Her statements were greeted with thunderous applause from the other seven protesters in attendance.

When asked what the protesters think of Mitt Romney’s statement that “corporations are people,” an anonymous protestor responded, “Trees are people too. Corporations kills trees. So, we need to stop the war between the tree people and the corporation people before more humans get hurt due to corporate greed.”

Though the Occupy Alumni students exhibit the fervor and dedication needed to stage a political revolution, they seem to lack a degree of cohesion. This was evidenced when I asked Haley Brickman, an Education major, what she thought of Wall Street, she responded by saying, “Wall Street? Is that near Ocoee Street?”

Students, including members of SLC, have been camping in Alumni Park for three weeks.


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