Students pose questions—not favors—at ‘Ask the President Chapel’; Surplus money will rent ‘bounce house’

The bounce house will be placed in front of the PCSU.

At the recent Ask the President chapel service, Lee University administrators were greeted with a pleasant surprise: Extra money. The surplus came as a result of no one asking for personal favors, gifts, dates, or bobble heads at the Ask the President chapel.
The trend began early on when Jose Rodriguez asked Dr. Conn the question, “How can Lee University professors use the Socratic method to foster critical thinking in the classroom?” The students sat spellbound as Dr. Conn spent the next 25 minutes discussing his personal educational philosophy.

In years past, students have used Ask the President chapel as a way to get favors and gifts from Dr. Conn. This year, the focus was more academic and substantive in nature.

“The reason I came today was to hear a visionary in higher education elucidate the goals of our institution,” Janice Flack, a freshman History major, said.

After the chapel service concluded, Dr. Conn said, “Lee University has always boasted the most academically-minded students in the greater Cleveland area, and I think this chapel service just proves that they are more interested in stretching their academic potential than they are in attending a summer camp.”

Chris Conine, chief financial officer at Lee University, has stated that the $20,000 they set aside in the budget will be used by Student Development to purchase pizza and an inflatable bounce house at the next post-chapel mixer.

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