College Republicans Endorse Coulter for President

Coulter says he "is pleased" by the endorsement.

The Lee University College Republicans have endorsed Dr. Chris Coulter, their faculty sponsor, as the Republican nominee for President, reflecting a growing dissatisfaction with Mitt Romney.

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement from such a diverse group of white, male political science students. I’m going to take this momentum into the Nevada primary, where I’ll be competing against the ‘establishment candidates’ as the truly conservative alternative to Mitt Romney,” Dr. Coulter said.

President Nathan Croft, a white, male political science student, said that the decision ultimately came down to a choice between Dr. Coulter and Dr. Gingrich, a former professor at West Georgia College.
“We liked a lot of Dr. Gingrich’s policy positions, but Dr. Coulter is definitely more electable against Obama,” Croft said.

Former President Zack German, a white, male political science student, added, “He’s the ideal family-values candidate due to the fact that he’s not a Mormon and has two less ex-wives than Newt Gingrich.”

Former President Daniel Diffenderfer, a white, male political science student, added that their decision to endorse Dr. Coulter was officially cemented when they checked their lifetime ratings on

“Dr. Coulter has a lifetime clarity rating of 3.5, while Dr. Gingrich was rated at just 2.2. What we need is clear leadership in Washington, and that’s what made the difference,” Diffenderfer said.

Cleo was the first to officially endorse Coulter.

Dr. Coulter has been a member of the Lee faculty since 1994 and has been described as being a “VERY vocal Republican” by one student on Rate My Professor. His views have made him incredibly popular among students of his English classes, who hail him as the next Barry Goldwater.

According to his biography, “Dr. Coulter likes reading, target shooting, and walking his female basset hound, Cleo.”

Cleo the female basset hound was unavailable for comment.


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