Girl dumped with God-card “completely understands”

Junior Claire Jackson is delighted that, although over, her recently ended relationship of two years was with “such a godly man.”

Jackson’s ex-boyfriend, senior pastoral ministry major Jacob Carter, called a halt to the couple’s relationship after a date Friday, Jan. 27, 2012.

“It was so sweet. We went out for a dinner at the new Olive Garden and then went for a walk on the Greenway,” Jackson said. “Then he sat me down on bench and said, ‘Claire-bear, I have been praying hard about this, and God is telling me that this isn’t the time for me to be in a relationship.  I really love you, but I can’t date you right now.’”

Jackson was not upset by Carter’s words, nor did she ask for more tangible, fixable characteristics that she could change to make the relationship work.

“Why should I?  He is a strong man of God, and I have every faith what he told me is what God told him.  If he could stay with me he would, and nothing I have done or am doing is driving him away.  It’s just not what God has for us.  Why do I need more reason than that?” Jackson said.

This is not the first occurrence of Carter obeying the Lord in their relationship, Jackson said, pointing to examples of the time God told Carter not to tell anyone, even Jackson, what he had done, saw or seen on Spring Break 2010 and when Carter was asked by the divine to establish a prayer partner relationship with Lee alumna, Susan Geoffries.

It was this passion for listening to and obeying the Lord that originally attracted Jackson to Carter.

“The first time I saw him he was dancing for Jesus at an all-night prayer gathering,” Jackson said.  “I always encouraged him to put God first, even when he was called off for urgent prayer at all hours day or night.”

Jackson is now praying that the Lord will see fit to bring the lovers back together.

“It’s only God that Jake listens too; so, I will wait, be patient and see what God will do with us and our relationship in the future,” Jackson said.


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  1. I am thoroughly impressed.

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